Become A Medical Consultant Through A US Hospital Residency

To reach the elite level in the medical profession, most medical students realize that a residency training stint at world-renowned hospitals in the US, delivers an immeasurable boost to their career. Studying utilizing cutting edge technology, whilst being surrounded by the brightest medical minds are just 2 of the major advantages that comes with doing a paid US residency. However, to obtain a spot in these very competitive openings, require that you post an impressive USMLE Step-1 score. We give you the tools to succeed in this worthwhile endeavour. To practice medicine in the US, you must pass the USMLE.

Jamaican medical students and junior doctors can now effectively prepare to take the USMLE Step-1 exam through a comprehensive, yet discounted, special course of study from the world leading USMLE exam prep-providers, Kaplan Medical. As the leaders in training International Medical Graduates, Kaplan Medical’s legendary medical faculty and their renown Qban testing software is combined with live Q&A drill sessions to create an environment that will spur and teach you to out-perform other worldwide candidates.

The USMLE Step-1 exams is open to:

  • 3rd Year UWI Mona Med-School students
  • Members of Jamaica Medical Students Association (JAMSA)
  • Graduates of UWI Faculty of Medicine – Mona, Cave Hill or St. Augustine
  • Medical graduates who trained at select Cuban universities
  • Members of the Jamaica Junior Doctors Association

Step-1 is a high-stakes, career defining exam. You cannot re-sit the exam to get a higher passing score and any failures will be listed on your academic record that is reviewed by Residency Admission Directors.

The Step-1 exam is an 8-hour test of Basic Medical Sciences, content similar to that done from year 1-3 at the UWI Faculty of Medicine. It’s the first in a series of 3 licensing exams and the score in Step-1 is a prime determinant on you being accepted into a US hospital residency.

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Ask about the “Critical Step-1 Facts For All Step-1 Candidates”.

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