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CPA Tutors & Consultants is the Caribbean's preeminent financial examination study solutions provider. We design, market and present academic courses that enable persons to attain globally recognized, professional-level business certification. Customer focused and performance oriented, we ensure that our clients attain their career educational goals.

Duane Barrett is our full-time financial studies lecturer and course conceptualizer at CPA Tutors & Consultants where he is the key educational visionary in ensuring a steady supply of the latest, professional-level financial knowledge and best practices for Jamaican executives.

Duane holds a BSc and MSc degree in Accounting from the University of the West Indies and sat and passed all parts of the CPA and CFA exams on his first attempt. Duane's passion is getting Jamaicans to ace high-stakes exams and furthering their professional knowledge to succeed in today’s Knowledge Economy. He has held senior positions in large companies as a FP&A Manager and a Chief Internal Auditor.

Considering migrating? Our courses are recognized by US & Canadian employers, much more than having a local university degree! These are high-stakes, professional level certifications that we effectively prepare you to attain. Our courses are more successful and less risky than a self-study approach.

Our clients are degree holders primarily from UWI Mona, Utech, NCU and other degree granting institutions seeking to hold 1st World qualifications. It makes perfect sense for degree holders in today’s globalized economy to get a first-rate international qualification. We make this dream real, in an organized, stress-free manner.

If you are looking for a CFA class in Jamaica or an effective CPA exam review in Jamaica, you must contact us as we pioneered these professional studies and have a passion in having you attain these distinguished financial designations.

Contact: Duane Barrett
Email: cpatutorials@gmail.com

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