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Invest in getting yourself a professional designation and never again wake up hating to go to work! Whether you will be working locally, or seek the right qualifications in case you choose to migrate in search of better career earnings, the designations we promote are internationally recognized and highly regarded. By taking our classes, you are on a sure path to improving your life as employer demand and salary premium surge for these certifications. 

  • New – FP&A Course for Accountants

    This is the “it” course for today’s accountants looking for meaningful financial analysis tasks and strategy formulation for companies. Graduate from boring record-keeping and financial statement preparation towards the higher value work of directing the financial plans of a company and monitoring financial execution of strategies with FP&A. Within 8 months, you attain the corporate FP&A designation and become a more versatile and in demand analyst. Great for ACCA accountants wishing to hold a US based qualification.

  • New – CPA 2017 Changes

    Our amazing CPA course is now fully updated and aligned to the new CFA exam format and syllabus changes.  As Jamaica’s most popular CPA course, with tutors teaching for over 20 years, you can depend on us helping you through this challenging exam, which experts acknowledge requires more than a self-study approach. The CPA is a career-defining, life changing exam so let us help you cement your future by getting you to pass the 4 CPA exam papers.

  • CFA - Did you know we run the world famous Schweser CFA exam review in Jamaica? The same course that you can get in New York or London, is held right here in Kingston. The best chance of passing begins with you starting early - in August 2017 - when we receive the study materials for the 2018 CFA exams (all 3 Levels). The CFA is for persons wishing to become a professional investment manager, with global job mobility. It’s valued much more than a MBA but costs way less! Contact us.

    Attain the elite mark of risk professional by doing the Financial Risk Management (FRM) exam course. Learn how global financial institutions manage financial risks as we have the classes, FRM study manuals, FRM Q&A database and the FRM PracticeExam kit. Sign up early and learn the key 1st- principles as risk management is new mantra for every financial institution and pension funds.

Upcoming Events:

  • January 2017

    Jamaica’s Corporate Treasury Operations Course for accounting staff seeking to employ global best practices in managing your company’s Treasury needs. ICAJ CPD hours are awarded for this practical, know-how, course. Classes done over 6 weeks.

  • February 2017
    The Financial Planning & Analysis(FP&A) course begins. Class materials include 5 study manuals and online Q&A testing database.
    This course is a fast-track route for persons to become CFO in a JSE listed company or the local subsidiary for an international company. This course teaches the skillsthat makes you a more versatile and sought-after CFO.
  • March 2017
    Our amazing CPA Exam Review
    for Financial Reporting & B.E.C. papers starts.
    Jamaica’s #1 instructor-led CPA seminars featuring exam Q&A drill sessions and led by tutors who personally aced the exam. Move straight from your BSc degree into the professional, CPA exam program. Registration open from January 2017.
  • June 2017
    CFA exams held @ UWI Mona and CPA course registration opens again.
  • July 2017
    CPA Exam Review
    for Audit & Business Regulation exam paper starts.
    Jamaica’s #1 instructor-led CPA seminars for the tough Audit &Regulation papers. Featuring exam Q&A drill sessions and led by tutors who personally aced the exam. Move straight from your BSc degree into the professional, CPA exam.
  • September 2018
    Our popular Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA) Level 1 & Level 2 course
    starts for the June 2018 exams.