The CFA Course Info:

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Why You Must Pursue the CFA Charter

The most rigorously trained and competent investment professionals in the world hold the CFA designation. Trained in investment best practices and high ethical values, the CFA confers global elite status among investment professionals.

We run Jamaica's best known and most effective CFA study course since 2002!

The CFA program is enjoying dramatic growth worldwide, which is attributable to the practical relevance of the syllabus and high standards of professionalism that it demands. Having the CFA designation after your name underlines your mastery of high-level investment market principles, technical competence, and integrity in all things investment.

The tangible benefits of doing the CFA over a MBA Finance degree include:

  • Portable reputation – the CFA charter remains a mark of quality, whether you change employers or migrate overseas. There are no further exams that need to be done.
  • Cost Competitiveness – The CFA programme can cost one tenth of an MBA and allows you to work whilst studying. Also few MBA courses matches the CFA’s prestige.
  • Credible –  More and more employers clients view participation in the CFA® program as a prerequisite for job progression.

How To Pass The CFA Exams

As the CFA is a post-graduate course of study, it is imperative that you have a robust and systematic study plan to successfully carry you through all 3 levels of exams. Our highly rated face-to-face class sessions for the Level 1 and 2 exams have proven to be the ideal format to drive your understanding of the syllabus whilst allowing you to question the tutor to clear doubts and exchange ideas with other class members.

In addition, we are the authorized Kaplan-Schweser CFA study partner in Jamaica where we utilize a varied array of Kaplan-Schweser CFA study resources to lock in your understanding and allow you to grasp the material more effectively, and with less stress than candidates who will not have these superior tools.

Call 977-3570 or click here to request the exam syllabus details. Click here to access Kaplan-Schweser’s free product samples and resources used exclusively in our course.

Eligible CFA Candidates: Bsc or MSc graduates in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Actuarial Science, Management Studies, Engineering, Statistics and ACCA holders.

The FRM Course Info:

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Financial Risk Management Certification

Financial risk management is one of today’s fastest growing career choice.

FRM professionals help management and boards of directors to identify, measure, and monitor the risks of financial assets, the relationships between risks and returns, and the control environment over the management and reporting of these risks. In today’s complex world of financial instruments, FRM professionals have assisted in valuation approaches, risk ratings, stress testing and model development. Kaplan-Schweser is the foremost authority in FRM exam prep study materials and we provide these resources to local candidates sitting the May or November FRM exams.

Alternative Investment Management Certification

Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) is a niche investment exam that caters to professionals seeking to understand and master the nuances involved with the universe of alternative investment asset class. As more portfolio managers seek greater diversification and enhanced risk-adjusted returns, alternative investments offer a suite of options that require careful consideration and the CAIA charter enables one to give expert level insights to guide investment action.

CAIA’s exam structure is also attractive to CFA chartherholders who now have special exemption from level 1 and can proceed directly to the final, level-2 stage. Kaplan-Schweser has been providing premium quality CAIA exam support material for well over a decade and we lead their mission in getting more Jamaicans to attain this global qualification.

US Securities Exam

If you seek to understand the foundational, practical issues involved in dealing US securities (maybe with a view to working in the US securities industry), then you need to do the US Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam.  The SIE exam forms the initial prerequisite through which other US investment dealing/practicing licenses can be obtained or if you want competency in the nature of financial securities.

It is set by FINRA, the largest regulators of US securities, and gives you an excellent insight to the workings of the most sophisticated securities marketplace in world.  As the sole provider of SIE exam tuition in Jamaica, we again partner with Kaplan-Schweser to ensure that our candidates can confidently learn the material and demonstrate their understanding by easily passing this 85 multiple-choice question test.

Click here to get syllabus and content info for these financial certification classes.

Eligible Candidates: Bsc or MSc graduates in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Actuarial Science, Management Studies, Statistics and ACCA holders.